• Instagram photos - mai 2013

    At Sotheby's next to my painting.
    Saying a prayer for a generous collector who loves Leger
    and the idea of empowering GIRLS!
    Thank you Sotheby's. Thank you Pierre!
    (6 mai 2013)
    My Manifesto on the other wall! Art=Knowledge=Revolution!
    (6 mai 2013)
    Getting ready 4 the #metball #wtf is #punk anyway?
    @riccardotisci17 is #punkrock
    (6 mai 2013)
    Tidying up before the #metball
    (6 mai 2013)
    I Hope to make many girls smile like Malala all around the world!
    Thanks to the amazing sale of my painting at Sotheby's
    we can make this happen soon!
    Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!
    Art equals Revolution!
    (8 mai 2013)
    Going Modd in Vegas! Backstage at the Billlboard Awards!
    (19 mai 2013)
    Finally checked off everything on.
    MDNA edit' onto finishing secretproject! Stay tuned
    (22 mai 2013)
    MDNA Epix June 22. I'm holding my Breath!!
    (29 mai 2013)

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