• Instagram photos - avril 2013

    With a Woman from Nijiti Village in Malawi where we have built
    10 schools with Build On! Equal attendance Girls and Boys! YEAH!
    (2 avril 2013)
    Start A Revolution of LOVE!
    (2 avril 2013)
    Home of Hope Orphanage. Over 400 Rays of Light!
    (3 avril 2013)
    The Girls Sing and Dance while Boys play Drims!
    (3 avril 2013)
    With Dr. Borgstein, my Hero! Pediatric surgeon at
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre.
    500 surgeries a year! He saves lives.
    ThAt's TALENT!
    (4 avril 2013)
    Medical trainees from Malawi College of Medicine. GIRL Power!
    (4 avril 2013)
    Dancing with the Agogo's at the Orphan Care Center in Namitete!
    (5 avril 2013)
    This is how we start the Revolution! Need I say more?
    (5 avril 2013)
    President Banda stop spreading lies about me!
    I'm trying to help the children of Malawi!
    (11 avril 2013)
    Here I am standing in front of one of 10 schools
    I built with Build On in Malawi!
    Lies have no legs. Only the truth can stand!
    (11 avril 2013)
    This is Edna. A 55 year old woman who just
    learned to read and write.
    She is dancing because her granddaughter is able
    to attend one of the schools we built.
    (11 avril 2013)
    The Revolution of Love starts with Good actions not Evil Tongue!
    (12 avril 2013)
    Here is my son teaching break dance to orphans at Home Of Hope
    on the porch of a dormitory I built.
    We call this House of Breakdance ! I don’t see any red carpets here!
    (12 avril 2013)
    Hanging out with women that care for the kids at the
    Orphan care center I built in Namatete.
    President Banda come and visit.
    You won’t find any red carpet. Just happy grateful people.
    They have electricity now.
    (12 avril 2013)
    #secretproject. Are you willing to fight for what you believe in?
    (15 avril 2013)
    If you want to help the children of Malawi please
    visit the website below http://bit.ly/ZuEzaF.
    Many thanks for any help you can give!!!!!!
    (18 avril 2013)
    Here I am with my Hero Dr. Borgstein.
    If you'd like to help this extraordinary man click on this link!
    (24 avril 2013)
    #secretproject When does dignity end and rectitude begin?
    (25 avril 2013)

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